snail shells and social security

While driving and listening to “The Age of Miracles” by Karen Thompson Walker (thanks, Jess), I suddenly had a vision of what the world might have looked like in prehistoric times, when giant snails roamed the earth.* I pictured them as wide as two lanes of highway. Matt asked me (because of course I described […]

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vote for bob ross

I wish I could vote for Bob Ross. I guess I could write in his name. It wouldn’t be the first time I voted for a dead guy. No, seriously. I felt sorry for him for dying THE VERY SAME DAY I MET HIM. So I voted for him. Talking about other dead guy here, […]

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once a day ridiculous

I’m back from the dead and two days shy of 26. I have a vague understanding of what birthdays mean to most people, but for me they mean sinus-related migraines. Gloomy, I know, but the worst part of spring always rears its ugly head this time of year, if I’m in the U.S. I was […]

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