destiny’s murderous children

I began this story about two years ago but never finished it, so I figured, “I haven’t posted anything since January. What the hey.” Here ya go. We weren’t exactly born with the knowledge of our destiny inside us. No, we weren’t like the hero of some tale who is convinced of the fire inside […]

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two fleas meet

A male flea and a female flea met on my cat. We’ll call them Garth and Jules, respectively. Or maybe they didn’t meet on her. Maybe they met somewhere on the ground that one day a couple months ago when Chevy ran off for several hours. I prefer to think they each hopped onto Chevy, […]

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the swamp boat captain

I’ll be able to remember much of what we saw during mine and Matt’s honeymoon in New Orleans, but our tour of a nearby swamp will be my most vivid memory from the trip. We set out late one morning for the Honey Island Swamp on the other side of Lake Pontchartrain. The sun shone […]

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