snail shells and social security

While driving and listening to “The Age of Miracles” by Karen Thompson Walker (thanks, Jess), I suddenly had a vision of what the world might have looked like in prehistoric times, when giant snails roamed the earth.* I pictured them as wide as two lanes of highway. Matt asked me (because of course I described […]

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destiny’s murderous children

I began this story about two years ago but never finished it, so I figured, “I haven’t posted anything since January. What the hey.” Here ya go. We weren’t exactly born with the knowledge of our destiny inside us. No, we weren’t like the hero of some tale who is convinced of the fire inside […]

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indication of paranoia

When you find a glob of leftover soap on the edge of your coffee cup, your first thought is "It’s some sophisticated poison." Jessica’s desperately funny life, as viewed through her only two datebook entries last week: Wednesday, May 19: Joe the ‘Plumer’ (What does he do, make plumes?) Saturday, May 22: Make potato salad […]

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